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You can't afford NOT to work on this.

In January, I started making some goals for my home and my kitchen for this year. 

In April, I realized I needed to make progress on a few of these and decided that June would start my new meal planning system (see below). 

But then the first week of June came and went and I realized I was no where near ready to start working on it. (Isn't this how it goes with goals sometimes? We KNOW it would make a huge amount of difference, but we just can't seem to get ourselves together to work on it!)

Then it hit me. I need a group of women to do this together with. I need some group accountability, some external motivation, and the reason to create all the printables and materials to do this. 

So I am formally invite you to join my 14 Day Meal Plan Bootcamp, Fall 2023 Edition!

I've run this bootcamp twice in the past before and over a thousand women have attended! We've gone through how to meal plan, tips for getting started, the different versions of meal planning you can do and so much more. 

This summer I ran this new 2.0 bootcamp, but with a significant twist: 

Our new bootcamp is all about automating the meal planning experience. This way, we are going to send some concentrated time together creating our meal plans (that actually work for our individual families and not some cookie cutter meal plan we printed from Pinterest that does't' really work that well). 

We will come to the end of October with full meal plans completed, a rotating schedule, your family favorite recipes, grocery lists, and no stress for November and beyond!

I'm even going to give you access to my full meal plans I create along the way as well as blank templates to create your own! 

Personally, I will be working on developing rotating seasonal meal plans for the Fall. You can do this too, add your own twist in, OR use a different form of meal planning that works best for you (we will also cover this)! 

I am asking for 20-30 minutes a day, for just 2 weeks, to plan out your ENTIRE YEAR'S WORTH OF MEAL PLANS 😱

Yes, it will take a little bit of investment. It will take some time. It will take some effort. 

But all of this effort and time upfront will pay off majorly over your year. If you are sick and tired of your kitchen feeling out of control, this meal plan bootcamp is your solution. 

Plus, we are going to have a ton of fun all meeting together! 

Honestly, my next 2 months are pretty packed full. We've got a busy school semester, birthdays to plan for, another bookstore opening for or shop and more...but I also know that if I don't make the time for this, I am going to head into the the New Year no farther ahead on my new meal plans than I am now. 

If you are done scrambling each week to come up with some sort of meal plan, or winging it from day to day, or want to start saving money on groceries....or so many other things...then this bootcamp is going to change your kitchen! 

Come join us 😍

14 Day Meal Plan Bootcamp

Creating Seasonal Menus (or whatever meal planning goal you are working on)! 

We will be meeting briefly each day of the bootcamp. The teaching will be done via video in the community and each day will give the next baby step task to do in creating your new meal plan. 

Our goal is going to be to do the work up front that will benefit our families all year. Throughout the two weeks, we will actually be creating our meal plans together. The work will be about 20-30 minutes each day broken into smaller bite size pieces. 

If the idea of creating a year's worth of meal plans feels way too overwhelming to you (I GET IT!), then join us to do one simple piece of it at a time! 


BONUS: The pre-work begins!

Gathering recipes, diving into different meal plan ideas, and getting prepped.  

I really want every single person to attend this bootcamp to be successful and come out of October with real, working meal plans in hand. 

I am so eager I want to jump in TOMORROW and do it all. But the thing is, I'm also very busy and I know you are too. 

So the best course of action is to take small, little baby steps towards our big goal of meal planning automation that is sustainable and actually works. 

The early you register for the bootcamp, the better. The community group is already open and hopping!

Starting Monday, we are going to slowly be working on some terrific pre-work so that when our meal planning starts in earnest on October 2nd, we can all just jump in and GO!! 

We are going to work on: Mind set when it comes to the kitchen, using our kitchen and food to serve our families, my favorite cookbooks, different meal plan methods, and more! 

All of this pre-work is optional. I think the more thought and time you put into the pre-work, the better off you'll be in jumping into the bootcamp But it is all optional. Use whatever you need for where you are at in the meal planning process! 

Access the community! 

So we can all work on this together! 

Picture this: Logging on each day of our bootcamp to spend 10-15 minutes with a community of other awesome women, all trying to figure out how to make better meal plans together. The chance to exchange knowledge, swap recipes, and give or ask for encouragement! 

I think this is the beauty of this bootcamp honestly. Yes, the teaching will be great. The printables will give you the tools to get going. BUT the community is what it going to get all of us to actually do this. I need some accountability to get this done...and I have a feeling you do too! 

The community is optional. You don't have to follow along if you don't want. You can just take the teaching and run with it on your own if you want 😘

Here's what I'm working on, you can join me too! 

I really actually enjoy cooking. I've developed a lot of family favorite meals the past few years and I've learned that doing some bulk cooking can REALLY help. 

But for the past few years I've just been casually meal planning. I meal plan once a week and stick to that plan fairly well. 

But it also means that I'm creating a new meal plan each and every week. It takes more time and effort and when I don't have time to make it up front, I end up running into my week without a meal plan in place. 

We are saving for buying property and building our homestead one day, so we've got some aggressive goals this year! Several of those goals revolve around the kitchen: 

  • I would like to shave a bit off of our current grocery budget. We've done decently the past few years but man, this Spring our grocery budget has really started creeping up. 
  • This fall we have the goal of ZERO eating out. 
  • And I want to be eating more seasonably: I want to really figure out good meals to make when it's hot out and I don't want to use our oven as much, foods that naturally fit the cold winter, and I want to plan around seasonal produce! 
  • Aaaaand I would love if this was all just done for me. Each week, I can just flip open my notebook to the right place and my meal plan, grocery list, and prep work is just done for me! 

There are meal planning websites out there that do some of these things for you. But what I've found, is that they just never worked for my family. 

Often the meals didn't fit with what our family eats, they were too complicated and time consuming to actually cook the food, or so incredibly expensive that it didn't fit in my goal of trying to save money. 

SO, I decided on this path of automating my meal planning by making rotating seasonal meal plans. This will be in a work in progress as I fine tune it to fit my weekly habits. And it will require some more time up front to make. 

But once I'm done, I will have an entire 12 months worth of meal plans that I can use again and again, update when I find a new favorite recipe, and use for years to come. 

Jami's rotating seasonal menu plan: 

I want to make a new meal plan for each season. For each season I am going to make 4 weeks worth of meal plans that get repeated each month. 

So for example, I will make a Fall menu that goes from September to November. Each week of September will have a different meal plan (so that we don't get burnt out eating the same thing all the time) and then the 4 weeks will repeat in October and then again in November. 

At least to start, this seems like a terrific way to do it because while it's much simpler to create just 4 weeks worth of plans for 3 months worth, we also will only repeating each meal plan 3 times before moving into the next season and a change of meal plans. 

My meal plans that I create NEED to be flexible because our weeks do tend to change a lot. So I'll be creating mine with flexibility in mind. I will also create it with: 

  • Seasonal recipes that reflect produce in season and fun recipes: ice cream recipes in summer, pumpkin recipes in fall, egg nog in winter, soups when it's cold, etc. 
  • Making all of our pantry staples! I've under taken the fun task of making all of our pantry staples from scratch: ketchup, mustard, salad dressings, etc. And one thing I dream about, is incorporating the making of these into my weekly meal plans. This way, I never have to think about it! Every two weeks I know I need to make salad dressing, once a month I need to make a new batch of ketchup and so on. This then is just incorporated into my 4 weeks of meal plans and I never have to give it any thought 😱

I will be creating a full set of printables for the seasonal meal plans. This will include all the menu pages, grocery lists and more. You will be able to print it out and use it, or use it with Canva (a free editing software) if you want a nice professional version. 

If you don't want to do seasonal meal plans, then we've got plenty of other printables and directions for you no matter what type of meal planning you do!! 

Okay wow, typing this all out just got me MAJORLY excited for all the work we are going to do. Let's do it!! :D 

Join the bootcamp: Here's what you get! 

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  • Lifetime access to the material! 
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