If you are done with the endless cycles of sickness this year and want to do something about it, I’ve got GOOD NEWS for you!

With our Natural Medicine Cabinet Bootcamp, you’ll get 5 hands-on TRAINING videos, all the RECIPES (over 50 of them!), a COMMUNITY of like minded women, and RESOURCE lists to make every step of this possible, easy, and FUN - no matter your experience level. 🥳

The next live round of this bootcamp is January 29th - Feb 2nd!

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You could open up your medicine cabinet and easily grab the exact remedy you needed at that moment.

You had safe, effective, and natural remedies to help your family all year.

You had the recipes and directions at your fingertips and didn’t have to read 20 books or search all over the internet.

You could whip up easy remedies for far cheaper than buying them at a health food store.

I just handed you everything you need, including the teaching, training, recipes, tutorials, and recipes lists…

…and you could get started this month?

We are doing a 5 day bootcamp all about building your natural medicine cabinet just in time for sick season. We will learn: 

🧴 All the ingredients (like shea butter and glycerin), containers (like lotion bottles and amber glass containers), a getting started guide (we are going to make this process SUPER simple!!)
🌿 Medicinal Herbs 101: We will break down the herbs you can use in your natural medicine cabinet, how to source their, how to grow them if you want, and more!! 
🍯 Using herbs in tinctures, teas, oils, and salves (and more)
🕯 Using essential oils in a safe & healthy way - we will take a very practical (and NON new agey) approach to using essential in your natural medicine cabinet
🧼BONUS class: homemade personal care items - like lip balm, lotion, face scrub, DIY bath bombs and more! 

In addition to the five days of teaching lessons (which you will get lifetime access to), you will also get over 50 recipes to help you out this ALL into action! Recipes include: 
✨ homemade vapor rub
✨  earache oil
✨  cough syrup 
✨  immune boosting tinctures 
✨  sore throat spray 
✨  flu fighter capsules 
✨  calendula salve 
✨  boo boo spray 
✨  sleep salve

....and dozens more! Scroll down for the full list of recipes! 

The next live round of this bootcamp is January 29th - Feb 2nd!









Join the bootcamp!

Join us for 5 days of teaching!

While you can find random recipes on the internet or come across good tips on Instagram...it can feel SO overwhelming. 

It's hard to know where to start, what recipes are good, where to buy ingredients, what is safe and what isn't and SO much more. 

Believe me, I get it. This is how I learned it all 14+ years ago. I had to wade through SO many resources just to find simple answers. I would have LOVED to have a bootcamp like this when I was first starting out. And that's exactly why I made this bootcamp. 

If you are happy finding random recipes, trying to save an IG that you can never find again, and piecing it all together yourself, that's fine! 

BUT if you want it all done for you, join our bootcamp! 

 You will get lifetime access to the material - so no stress about getting to all of this during January 22-26th. 

We will be meeting daily for 5 days to do all the teaching and training. Here's what we are going to cover: 

Lesson #1: Getting started 

We will cover where to buy ingredients, what containers to use, and where to source essential oils, herbs, and other ingredients - with links, descriptions, and EVERYTHING you need to feel confident starting your natural medicine cabinet journey. 

Lesson #2: Medicinal Herbs 101

This practical class will cover a whole verity of medicinal herbs, what you need to know about their properties, how to store them, and cheat sheets for keeping them all straight. This will give you the confidence to pick and choose your own herbs when creating natural remedies. 

Lesson #3: Using herbs in tinctures, teas, oils, and salves 

Ready for some hands-on tutorials? In this lesson, you will join me in my kitchen as we make tinctures, teas, herb infused oils, and salves. You'll get the tutorials you need and the confidence to try out your first recipe. 

Lesson #4: Using essential oils in a safe & healthy way

Essential oils can be a wonderful addition to your natural medicine cabinet and used in a thousand different ways. But if you feel overwhelmed at using them, if you have oils you've bought just sitting there, or you are sick of new age/mystical ways that people talk about EOs, then you will LOVE this practical and straigh forward lesson. And YES, we will cover multiple places to course good quality essential oils (no buying them from me needed lol)! 

Lesson #5: BONUS CLASS on homemade personal care items

We are going to round out this bootcamp with a fun topic! How to make your own personal care items and we will do a handful of fun recipes together: lotion, bath salts, scrubs, and more! The recipes in this section would make TERRIFIC Christmas presents ;) 

Here are the recipes you will get in your workbook:

For Sickness: 

  • Vapor Rub
  • Mucus lung release
  • Make your own thieves 

  • Earache oil 

  • Cherry bark syrup 

  • Elderberry syrup 
  • Essential oil roll on recipes
  • Shower steamers
  • Throat relief tea
  • Fire cider (multiple recipes)
  • Vomit Relief
  • Immune tea

  • Immune tincture 

  • Fever breaking yarrow tea 

  • Fever reducer capsules - 

  • Flu-fighter tea

  • Flu - fighter capsules 

  • Sore throat spray 

  • Throat soothing tea

  • Sore throat for kids 

  • Staph infections spray

  • Strep throat protocol 

  • Swollen glands - pictures

  • Cough syrup for kids 

  • Cough tea for kids 

  • Instant pot cough syrup
  • Echinacea tincture

Other Ailments: 

  • Eczema cream
  • Headache helper
  • Sleepy Salve
  • Tummy belly oil
  • Cayenne pain relief balm
  • Detox Baths
  • Calendula salve
  • Anti-fungal treatment stick 
  • Activated charcoal drawing stick
  • Hand sanitizer recipe
  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer spray
  • Allergy capsules
  • Cuts and scrapes salve

  • Boo boo spray 

  • Dandelion Salve

  • After sun salve
  • Bug spray

Personal Care Items: 

  • Homemade lip balm
  • Peppermint chocolate body lotion
  • Herbal bath salts
  • Bentonite herbal facial scrub
  • Sugar body scrub
  • DIY bath bombs 
  • Peppermint Coconut foot scrub
  • Ultra moisturizing lotion
  • Witch hazel toner 

AND more that might get added based on your suggestions!! 

Join the bootcamp: Here's what you get! 

  • 5 hands-on practical lessons - Immediate access!
  • A community of brilliant women to do this all with
  • A workbook with everything you need from those 5 lessons (links, info, and more)
  • 50+ Recipes to stock your natural medicine cabinet! 
  • Lifetime access to the material! 

The next live round of this bootcamp is January 29th - Feb 2nd!

Join the Bootcamp!