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Do you want to craft a healthy home for your family but don't know where to start? 

Healthy living has never been a more important topic than it is right now. But it can feel utterly overwhelming to know where to begin, what baby steps to implement, and how to do it all on a budget! 

If you want to craft a healthier home, then I have the PERFECT new resource for you. Introducing the...

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I started on my healthy living journey 10 years ago...

My husband was struggling with high cholesterol and his doctor simply handed him a sheet of paper that outlined his "low sodium" diet and sent him on his way. This "low sodium diet" was full of processed foods. 

So I remember sitting down one Friday night to watch a movie together and I started researching what it means to cook healthier (I was lost and had no idea where to start) to help my husband.

At the time it felt INCREDIBLY overwhelming. I started realizing that even foods and brands I thought were healthy were loaded with sugar, unhealthy fats and oils, and even cancer causing ingredients 😱 AND that not all salt was bad. What?? I was confused and overwhelmed. 

So I slowly started reading labels and figuring out what "healthy" eating looked liked WITHOUT letting it take over my life and getting too complicated. 

Then we got pregnant with our first baby (which turned out to be twin boys. Surprise!). I started researching things like baby laundry detergent and baby wash...and I was shocked! Now I had to worry about things like cleaning products and skin care?? 

Because you know what I found? Cancer causing ingredients, endocrine disruptors, hormonal imbalancers, lung irritants, and SO.MUCH.MORE. And in the every day products I used in my home. Even in the products labeled for babies. 😭

I knew I wanted to take action. I knew I wanted to make changes in my home. But I didn't know where to start. AND I didn't have much of a budget to work with either. 

I am far from perfect when it comes to healthy living. There is a long list of things I want to implement in my home (AND there's always so much grace in a healthy lifestyle, we CAN'T do it all and that's okay)! But that's the biggest lesson I've learned throughout the years: It's ALL about baby steps.