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Do you want to reignite the spark in your marriage but are not sure where to start or lack the time to think up new ideas?

Romance is a huge part of marriage and can be oh so enjoyable! But what happens when the romance dies? Where do you end up when intimacy and romance are pushed to the back burner because of busy life?

The rekindling romance eKit gives you some fun ideas for connecting once again!

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Over the course of the years, romance can die and wither. You remember those sweet days when you were dating and newly married and dream of the romance you shared – and how easy it was back then!

Now it seems that romance is only relegated to anniversaries and Valentines day. But why should we lovingly express to our spouse how we feel about them only a couple days a year?

We want to help you focus on loving your spouse and developing a deeper and closer relationship. Marriage should be fun and intimate, and romance plays a big part in making it so.

Making It Easy As Possible

So we are excited to bring to you: The Rekindling Romance eKit – 7 Ideas to Help Reignite the Spark! Simply download our eKit and pick any combination of the romantic date ideas and then print them out from over 30 pages of printables!

Our eKit is designed to give you optimal romance with very little effort, planning, or expense – because we know what it’s like to live on a budget and feel too busy to add anything else to your place!

This kit includes an eBooklet detailing free or cheap date and gift ideas as well as 30 pages of beautifully designed printables.

What’s IncludedRekindling Romance eKit Notebook:

  • 13 page eBooklet with date and gift idea details
  • Coupon Book Printables
  • Romantic Gift Basket Checklist
  • A Strip Newlywed Game
  • 10 Things I Love About You Printables
  • 10 Quotes on Love and Marriage Printables
  • Scavenger Hunt Printables
  • Romantic Night In Printables
  • Mix CD Cover Printable

With this eKit you can create a romantic night in, play a fun (& sexy) game, develop a romantic gift basket, create a romantic and fun coupon book, and more. All for less than the cost of one date night out!

See What’s Inside

Coupon Book Printables
The coupon book comes pre-written with cute (and some sexy) coupons! Print them out and give them as a gift to your spouse to redeem when they want. This is a really fun gift that your spouse will get a kick out of!! 

10 Things I Love About You
These fun cards are blank with a cover that reads “10 Things I Love About You”. Either print them, fill them out and then give them as a gift to your spouse or print out two sets and do them together! Pick a date night, grab some coffee, snuggle in bed, and exchange your cards – a really fun date night IN!

10 Quotes on Love & Marriage Cards
These cards are similar to the 10 Things I Love About You cards except that they have marriage and love quotes pre-written on them.

It might be fun to just give these as a gift to your spouse or read one quote a night out loud with each other to focus your time together and create a sense of unity among the two of you!

A Newlywed Game….with a Twist!
This game is really fun! It’s a unique twist on the old tv show The Newlyweds. This game will really spice up your marriage and create a fun evening.

And you don’t have to be a newlywed to play this game! You take turns asking questions (and completing challenges like who can find a candle and light it first) and the loser of each round has to remove one article of clothing. It’s a fun and light way to spice things up a little and have some fun!

Scavenger Hunt Printables
You can use these cards in a couple of different ways. It gives you the template to be creative and surprise your spouse! The cards come with a place to write in as many clues as you want to lead the other somewhere. You can fill out the cards and have it lead to a romantic location or have them lead to a fun gift (use your imagination)!

Create a Romantic Movie Night In
Included in this eKit is everything you need for creating a romantic night in! Light some candles, leave the printable sign on the door so your spouse knows what they are about to walk into, and create a romantic dinner and date night for two!

The eKit includes a door sign, a printable menu, and movie tickets so you can create a fun romantic night with hardly any effort! 

Create a Mix CD
Included in the kit is a personalized mix CD cover. Either surprise your spouse with a romantic mix CD or make it together and print out the CD cover so have a fun and romantic keep sake to pull out when you need a little reminder of your love!

Create a Romantic Gift Basket
With your eKit is a printable checklist of ideas to include in a romantic gift basket (to make it easy and quick to put together a romantic night)! Print out this checklist and instructions, assemble the different items for your romantic gift basket, and you have a romantic night all ready to go!