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Do you want to make your own homemade baby food but don’t know where to start or what foods to feed your infant?

Don’t you wish there was an easy, comprehensive guide to show you everything you need to know? You’re in luck! My all new eBook Warning: I Throw Food has everything you need to have the confidence to make your own natural, homemade baby food and nourish your growing baby. I promise to help give you everything you need to know on making your own baby food!

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Do you want to give your baby the best possible start but feel unsure how to begin?

As a new mom, I felt lost and confused when it came to how to feed my twin boys solid food. I
didn’t know when to start with solid foods, what to give them, or even how to do it! So as I went on my own journey of discovering how to make natural, homemade baby food, I decided that I needed to share the hours and hours of research, experimenting, and trial and error I endured.

Don’t worry – I’ll walk along side you on this journey! The first 16 chapters dive into everything you need to know on how to make healthy and natural homemade baby food including:

  • When to introduce solid food
  • What food do babies need?
  • Pacing for introducing new foods
  • Allergy signs to watch for
  • Homemade baby formula recipe
  • Why it’s important to make your own baby food
  • The best foods to start with, drinks, and more
  • Baby food storage
  • Tools you need in your kitchen
  • Is organic really necessary?
  • Tons of great recipes sorted by baby age
  • And more!

Think making your own baby food is to time consuming? Think again!

Making your own homemade baby food not only saves a lot of money and is healthier for your little one – it doesn’t actually take up that much time! With a few simple, intentional steps each day, you can save money and provide your baby with the best possible start!

I provide you with all the information you need – all in one place – to begin making your own baby food today! No more scouring the internet for hours trying to figure out what you need to know. The hard work has been done for you – everything you need is in this simple and comprehensive guide!

Table of Contents

How to Use This Book

Part 1 – Baby Food Basics
Chapter 1: When to Introduce Solid Food
Chapter 2: What food do babies need?
Chapter 3: Take It Slow
Chapter 4: Alternative to Commercial Formula
Chapter 5: Homemade Baby Formula Recipe
Chapter 6: What’s Wrong with Store Bought Baby Food?
Chapter 7: Foods to Delay
Chapter 8: Drinks
Chapter 9: Six Foods to Start With
Chapter 10: Baby Food Basics
Chapter 11: Experimenting with Herbs & Spices
Chapter 12: Baby Food Storage
Chapter 13: What You Need in Your Kitchen
Chapter 14: Feeding Babies Organic
Chapter 15: A Note to M.O.M.’s (Mom’s of Multiples)
Chapter 16: Include Baby at the Dinner Table

Part 2 – The Recipes
6 – 8 Months +
8 – 12 Months +
1 Year and Beyond!