We are the Balmet Family!

And we are so happy you are here. This ministry is truly a family affair. Jami started blogging in 2009 and Jason quite his full time job in sales in 2015 to run the business full time.

This entire ministry has been born out of our struggles and desires to craft a Gospel Centered Home. As our family has grown and developed, we've created those resources to help in our home that WE wanted and wished existed. You will obviously hear a lot from Jami as you hang around here, but you'll also see Jason pop up in so many ways since he's so foundational to what we do here!

Read on to find out more about us!

Our story begins in 2009

In the Spring of 2009, at the ripe old ages of 21 and 19, Jason and Jami tied the knot. As committed Christians, we both desired to orient our whole lives around Christ, but we didn't really know what that looked like. 

Throughout our 13 years of marriage, we've learned so much. And thankfully, we are still works in progress. We are continually seeking to be molded and shaped by Christ and His standards for our lives. 

Everything we do here at Finding Joy in Your Home - and our various extension projects - revolves around that aim. 

We firmly believe that EVERY practical thing in our lives and our home, is directly impacted in our life in Christ. This is why so much of what we do is first rooted in Scripture and then totally applied to the practical. 

We think that this life is not simply a Spiritual one, but rather our physical lives in this world be lived out by our Spiritual condition (our new lives in Christ)! 


A big part of our story is

How God uniquely built our family of 9

20 Lessons

We started off our family with a bang! A set of twin boys - Malachi & Micah!

3 Months

Just 2 years later, we welcomed our SECOND set of twin boys into our family - Remington & Ryder. This meant we had 4 in diapers, all 2 years old and younger. It was a wild time 😅

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While we were busy taking care of 4 boys, God had some more plans for our family. When the first set of twins had just turned 4, and the baby twins were 18mo old, we had our 5th surprise: our baby girl. It was a wild year having 5 kids, 4 and under but we wouldn't change a thing. 

20 Lessons

A month after global lockdowns started, we welcomed our joyful and fun 6th born, Maverick! He entered our life just as full time travel life started for us and he's been an incredible addition! 

20 Lessons

And now we have our next blessing coming in August 2022! We are so thankful for God's timing and provision. Stay tuned this summer!

In 2020, we did something crazy!

We sold our house, moved into an RV, and traveled the country for 2 years.

For 2 years, we have traveled all around the country with 6 kids. It's been a wild, crazy, wonderful experience. It has shaped our family so much and taught us so many things. 

Now with a new baby on the way, we decided to was time to settle for a while. We've decided to leave California (our home state) for good and are searching for where we will build a homestead and put down roots. 

For this year, that means we are living in the great state of Oklahoma! We’ll let you know how we like it ;)