Our Statement Of Faith

Our statement of faith

It's important to know what someone believes, when you are learning alongside them. 

For a brief, high level summary, we are conservative Christians who believe in the sufficiency and inerrancy of Scripture, the sovereignty of God over all things, and the sanctity of marriage and of human life.

For a more detailed explanation, we are Reformed, evangelical, Calvinist, creedal, confessional, covenantal, and hold to an optimistic eschatology.

We hold to the Westminster Standards as an accurate summary of the truth revealed in the whole of Scripture. These include the Westminster Confession of FaithWestminster Shorter Catechism, and Westminster Larger Catechism.
We believe the best way to understand the Bible is through the hermeneutical framework of covenant theology.

We affirm the Five Solas of the Reformation:


"Sola Scriptura" - Scripture Alone is our ultimate authority and standard

We believe the Scripture (Old and New Testament) is the Word of God, fully inspired and without error in the original manuscripts, written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and is the complete revelation of His will for the salvation of men, and has supreme and final authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

"Soli Deo Gloria" - to God alone be all glory, none to us, in salvation and all of life

God's Glory and Triune Nature: We believe that there is one living and true God, eternally existing in three persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit; that these are equal and infinitely perfect and (for God's glory) execute distinct but harmonious offices in the work of creation, providence and redemption.

Man's Responsibility to Glorify God: We believe a Christian should live for the glory of God, conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, and for the well being of his fellow men; that his life is to be motivated by love for other members of the body of Christ as well as those who are outside of the family of God.

"Sola Gratia" – the gospel of salvation is by grace alone, all of God, nothing of man

We believe that man was created in the image of God but fell into sin and is therefore lost and under condemnation, and only through regeneration by the Holy Spirit can salvation and spiritual life be obtained. We believe that the ministry of the Holy Spirit is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, and that during this age He convicts men of sin, regenerates and seals believers, indwells, guides, instructs, empowers and enables them to live Godly lives and to serve God faithfully.

"Sola Fide" - saving grace is a gift received through faith alone, not works or merit

We believe that the shed blood of Jesus Christ and His resurrection provide the only ground for justification and salvation for all who believe, and that only those who receive the Lord Jesus Christ by faith are born of the Holy Spirit and thereby become the children of God. We believe that two ordinances (baptism and the Lord's Supper) should be observed and administered by believers until the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, but are not necessary for salvation.

"Solo Christo" - Christ alone is Savior and should be the ultimate focus of all we do

We believe that Jesus Christ is true God and true man, having been conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary; that He lived a sinless life, died on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins according to the scriptures, was buried, and arose bodily from the dead and ascended into heaven where, at the right hand of God the Father, He is now our High Priest and Advocate interceding for His people. We believe in the personal, visible return of the Lord Jesus Christ to the earth and the establishment of His kingdom (in its final form). We believe there will be a final (resurrection with) eternal judgment of God on the unbeliever in Jesus Christ and on Satan and his angels, and that there will be eternal blessedness for the believer.

We hold to the historical creeds, including The Apostles’ CreedThe Nicene Creed, and The Definition of Chalcedon.
- Written/compiled by Jason Balmet (and signed off on by Jami)